Chuck Wagon Gang

The Chuck Wagon Gang has entered its 75th year of singing the old songs, and singing them the way 'Dad Carter' taught his kids. A simple style, yet distinctive sound, is credited with helping preserve the legacy of the music so many love. While time has brought much in the way progress and development in our time, the Chuck Wagon Gang has continued to strum and sing its way into the history books as being the oldest recording mixed quartet that has continuously recorded what has come to be known as 'grass roots' Gospel music. Over the years, the group has managed to record well over 800 songs, and sell 40 million records worldwide. Much of those songs and records were recorded with Columbia records, now Sony Music. Many of the songs recorded in 1936, the group's first year, are still being sung in concerts across America today.

The great Chuck Wagon Gang standards, classics, and most requested songs are still featured at today's Chuck Wagon Gang concert, and their simple approach remains intact. There can't be a Chuck Wagon Gang concert without "The Church In The Wildwood", "Higher", "I'll Fly Away", "Echoes From The Burning Bush", "Heaven's Really Gonna Shine", "We Are Climbing", "I'll Meet You In The Morning", "Looking For A City", and others in this vein. But as with any singing group, new songs, new recordings, and freshness must prevail.

At any given concert, folks share their childhood stories of how their dad and mom used to turn on the old battery powered radio, tune in the Chuck Wagon Gang program, and quietly listen to the songs that inspired their lives back in the 'good old days'. Now as senior adults themselves, they say those same songs are what inspires and uplifts them as they are transported back to a more simple life every time they listen to Chuck Wagon Gang, whether in concert, video, or CD.

The purpose of the 3rd generation Chuck Wagon Gang is to not only preserve and continue the grand legacy of the group, but to be a relevant and viable ministry of the Gospel through song. While the music certainly has its entertainment value, the real impact is the spiritual message of hope and grace for the listener. The style and sound of the Chuck Wagon Gang is intact, but the message is pertinent for today.


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 The Dixie Melody Boys

   Voted the Favorite Male Quartet of 2012 through the SGM Fan Awards, The Dixie Melody Boys continue to be a fan favorite after more than five decades on the road. One of the legendary groups in the history of gospel music, The Dixie Melody Boys have had over 20 Top 40 hits. They have been nominated, and won numerous awards, including a Grammy Award.

   Under Hall of Fame Member, Ed O'Neal, The Dixie Melody Boys have Impacted gospel music more than almost any other group, launching the carrers of many of gospel musics biggest stars, including Rodney Griffin, Ernie Haase, Mcray Dove and Devin McGlamery.

   They have appeared to millions around the world on the Gaither Homecoming Series, and on their hit television series, Great American Gospel.

   In 2011, The Dixie Melody Boys were inducted into the Christian Music Hall Of Fame.